Utopia or Dystopia the very idea of the Universal basic income generates conflicting opinions, so what is it?

UBI Universal Basic Income. Many countries throughout the world are currently experimenting with a universal basic income. If you haven’t any idea what a UBI is then read very carefully as this could take shape in countries very close to the UK. Finland is one such country that are paying some of it’s population (as part of a large experiment) £500 per month (€ equivalent) direct into their bank accounts to do with as they so wish.

We will not know the results of the test as it runs for two years and is underway as we speak but the incentive is to fuel an economy, drive cyclical economic success, that could absorb a recession and or financial crash; largely due to the reason that if wealth is shared and not bunched in anyone direction (it should narrow the risk) After all, the more people with shared responsibility then the less chance there is of a small capitalist few ruining it for the many, right?

Some would say that this is akin to staunch socialism and how can this platform be achieved when we live in a world where to strive and earn is taught from a young age and is systemic within our culture. To achieve materialistic and family/individual gain is surely the reason why there is movement forward in any and all aspects of industry?

Well there are arguments for both sides. Right now UBI holds a distinct polarised ideology and seems too black and white – in a world filled with grey matter and diverse political and socio economic issues. Can we sweep this brush across a population and reprogram our very mindset.

How would we fair without that all new Tesla car, the brand new 142 inch Samsung TV or pacify our children’s plea for new PS5, with VR headset. Or would we have to…? If in fact all items are available to all and at a reduced price as capitalism takes a tumble and wealth is evenly spread!

To see what the outcome would be requires real live people guinea pigs and a process covering many years. So keep watching folks as this next two years could prove incredibly interesting.

Which image does your mind serve up?

Or is this the future Utopia we all dream of as we clamber to work every Monday morning?