Top Interview Tips

Top Interview Tips IT Recruitment Leeds

Even if your last job interview was more recent, a refresher course with interview tips is still in order. The dos and don’ts when being interviewed are a long list to be sure, but we’ve narrowed down the most important ones that you most definitely need to follow.

Keep your cool! They can smell fear…

 Well, maybe they can’t smell fear, but they’ll pick up on it just the same. A bouncing knee or nervous stutter can give you away if you let it slip that you’re uncomfortable. Employers want someone who is confident and ready for action. If you can’t even handle the interview, how are you supposed to handle the actual job? Take a deep breath and answer questions calmly and to the best of your ability. You’ll get through it.

Dress to impress.

 Don’t show up looking like you just got out of bed. No one will even think about hiring you if you don’t look suitable for the job. Depending on the type of job you’re interviewing for, your dress can range from business casual to highly formal. Showing up in sports clothes is out of the question. If you find yourself in need of the proper attire, go on a shopping trip and buy at least one outfit for the interview. Should you get the job, you may have to wander back to the shop for more.

Triple-check your CV!

 Nothing is more embarrassing than a major spelling error on your CV, or any other error for that matter. You’re supposed to be knowledgeable, educated, and able to at least get your street address right. Recruiters often toss out a CV as soon as they see an error or one that’s poorly formatted, so take the extra time to make sure everything is perfect. Not only will it impress, but it may be the key to getting the interview in the first place.

Be prepared.

 This should be obvious, but some job seekers walk into an interview with the intention of answering everything off the cuff. They expect that they’ll be able to ace the interview simply by having their CV ready and dressing to impress. In reality, you’ll need to be prepared to answer interview questions as well as ask questions of your own. It helps to rehearse using a list of top interview questions that are commonly asked in interviews. You’ll also want to write out questions of your own; this gives the impression that you are interested in the job and want to make a well-informed decision if offered the job.

Above all, be positive!

 You don’t have to wear a smile plastered across your face. You simply have to have the right attitude. A positive outlook goes a long ways and shows that you are at ease in situations where others might feel uncomfortable. A good attitude in the workplace is healthy not only for you, but also for the people around you.