TIPS for Talent Attraction

TIPS for Talent Attraction IT Recruitment Leeds The market is really competitive in certain technical circles. Interface has seen companies try numerous tactics to encourage what little resource there is out there and hence this is just a small list of things that we feel you can do to ensure you are ahead of you competition.

1. Set your agenda before you start the recruitment process. It’s important you and your recruitment partners understand both what you need and what you want.

2. Time – Make sure you have dedicated enough time to recruit…the last thing you want is an ever decreasing circle of candidates because you realise half way through that you cannot get all stakeholders involved over the right period of time…maybe set a schedule and specific dates for interviews

3. Brief your recruitment partners properly…it’s no good just sending them a list of technology or general requirements…meet them….talk them through your foibles. The last thing you want is to have to wait for shortlist after shortlist until they get it right.

4. Know your USP. Very few companies nowadays seem to be able to verbalise why someone should join them over another company offer a similar technology set, salary and commute. What is Unique about your company and why would candidates see that as a benefit to them.

5. Ensure candidates are prepared…I can hear you all screaming right now “but that’s their job”. It is, but clearly if these people are as good as their CV makes out…ensure they are able to demonstrate that at interview. Some of these candidates could be absolute wizards with code but without being prompted might never think to turn up with examples of their code.  It’s up to you to set the agenda and the good candidates will love you for it.

6. Feedback – ALWAYS FEED BACK. Even if the candidate is not quite what you are looking for they could come back in years to come armed with skills you need…so ensure you always feed back to them. Your brand will have so much more stock if you give them some real technical detail about what they are missing rather than telling them they just got pipped to the post.

7. Use a multi channel recruitment strategy. If you are simply using one mode to recruit you are missing a trick and even though you might get a good person, you might not always be getting the best person. Look at all channels including social media, referral schemes, recruitment companies, networking, recruitment evenings, blogging, academic organisations, advertising both on and off line. The possibilities are endless so don’t just use one medium.

8. Use your current employees to promote your role. If you feel confident you have a strong employee base already, invite prospective employees to talk to your current ones. Of course this can be a managed process or random.

9. Ask for feedback. At the end of the process ask why you didn’t secure the person you wanted. If they turned you down, why? Was it something that you could have done differently in terms of approach, offer, process etc.

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