The Holiday trick – how to achieve 24 days holiday only using 14 days allowance


Actually this is no trick, this is very really indeed…

In 2018 it is possible to secure 24 days off, consecutively, using only 14 days of your holiday allowance!

It’s a long month, everybody is feeling the pressure and pain of a 5 week slog to pay day…but this bit of news could cheer you up!

It is possible, this year and with a fair wind and approval of your boss to achieve a whopping 24 days off work, all in a row.  Admittedly you may come back to a dystopian landscape in terms of your career but it could just be worth it.  After all, that distant plan of travelling around Thailand or maybe an extended LA road trip, could now become a reality.

Here’s how…

The Holiday trick

The May bank holidays have all stacked together like dominos this year.  For instance:  May Day is the 7th May, while Spring bank falls on the 28 May.

Get that calendar up and look towards Tuesday 8th May and Friday 25th May – yup, it’s correct, count them again, thats 14 days booked off and a grand 24 days to kick back.


You can thank us on the way out

The holiday trick

But before you go remember to register your CV for that dream job!

Bon Voyage!