Telephone Interview Tips

Telephone Interview Tips IT Recruitment LeedsThe IT recruitment market moves at a pace and most of our clients are recognising that they need to respond quickly when they see a CV they like…instead of missing out companies are turning to on-line interviews and telephone interviews to try to expedite their recruitment process.

The biggest mistake to make is to assume a different attitude towards these interviews than face to face interviews. Here are some common mistakes and things you can do to ensure you move to the next stage.

1. Prepare – Your preparation for this stage should be just as intense as a 1st stage face to face interview with the addition that you need to ensure that technology won’t let you down. Ensure your computer or mobile device is fully set up before and that you can be in a good signal area. If you are using software or accounts you are not familiar with try it our first. If possible use a landline….arrive early on the call.

2. Make sure your location is appropriate…thinking you can do these kind of things whilst hiding in the server room just won’t do for some whilst others it will be fine…ensure you know the score before attending. If you are on a visual on-line interview make sure you have a background fitting in with what your CV says about you.

3. Have your CV and preparation material with you so you can refer to them throughout the call…there’s nothing worse than someone forgetting when they were with a company or not being able to explain something that they have on their CV. Ensure you have notes regarding the opportunity in front of you so the interviewer can see you have prepared.

4.  Set the right tone by dressing for the occasion or sitting at a desk…its likely if you are wearing your PJ’s lying on the sofa on the telephone interview you will come across as tired and chilled whilst trying to portray a hard working, work never stops attitude.

5. As with face to face interviews ensure you have prepared examples tailored to the specific role.

6. Ensure you come across well on the phone. Speak clearly. Try not to mumble. Don’t talk over the interviewer…make sure they have finished their question before answering. Be concise.

7. Keep eye contact with the camera on your mobile device or computer. Remember it’s what they see that is important at this first stage…….if you have to look away to your CV or notes, hold what you are reading in a way that they can see what you are doing….there’s nothing more annoying than looking at the top of someone’s head for 30 minutes.

8. The same rules apply when closing out a telephone interview as a face to face interview…ask questions, ask about the next stage and your chances of moving forward. Ask if they think you are suitable and what could stop this progressing.

9. Make sure you have disconnected from the call before going into relax mode.

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