Service Level Agreement

Tailored recruitment to suit you

We understand that every business and most requirements, although similar in nature come with a unique set of parameters. Certain roles have niche skills that require focus on search techniques, with an attraction campaign that needs to be highly tuned. Whilst others are more demanding on sorting the good from the great candidates; hence the challenges and markers in the process need to adapt to suit.

We recognise that every business has their own individual challenges; based on scale, market, resource, budget and availability. This is why we promote a partnership based approach where we get to fully understand the requirement – at that particular point in time. Our service then becomes part of the process rather than an extension of it. We fully appreciate that time to hire effects the total cost of the hire and hence stripping the process back to its core essentials, is where Interface recruitment excels.

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) is flexible and dependant on the variables that can exist

Service Level Agreement backed with fluid MI

  1. CV submission / to interview:  Interface standard 2/1
  2. Interview to offer: Interface standard 2/1
  3. Offer to start: Interface standard 1.5/1
  4. Start to probation passed: Interface standard 1.05/1

Mile stones are reached during any recruitment process but clearly there will be more to engage and measure throughout the journey so Interface commit to providing detailed info continuously;  including but not limited to – how many candidates have been engaged and through what channels: how many advert responses, emails sent, briefing calls made, how many interested / disinterested rejections, salary benchmark against the market (please see our salary guide, how many interviews have been conducted etc all through our official and market leading recruitment CRM portal

Service Level Agreement IT Recruitment Leeds
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