Interface salary guide: Q1 2023

The Market:

Having topped the G7 for growth, post pandemic (2022).  The UK is now predicted to be the slowest growth nation of 2023 – of all the G20 countries.  The silver lining being that contraction was predicted to be 0.6%.  This has now been modified to a more modest 0.3%, with a positive forecast of minimum growth equalling +1% into 2024 (expectation seems to be that this figure will be improved upon).

Further good news, is that a recession is predicted to be sidestepped, as the UK economy will most likely not fall into negative output, for two consecutive quarters.  At the end of 2022, recession, seemed a certainty.

It is apparent that the near recessionary factors above – including the cost of living damaged by inflation, has affected the local jobs market into 2023. However, we are seeing signs of recovery into the 2nd quarter of 2023 and believe an improvement will be made, as many more technology candidates entered the jobs market the latter part of Q1 and now again, into Q2. A sign, confidence is returning, slowly.

Additionally, clients are making more and more enquiries. We have also seen an improvement in the amount of advertised jobs data across the region.

In Demand:

High in demand skills inc Agile, Cloud Security, AWS, Azure, SQL and Python.  These skills all enjoyed the greatest YOY salary increase and also offer the most advertised jobs in the region.

IT engineering skills – especially 2nd and 3rd Line engineers are highly sought after with salaries increasing incredibly quickly since the pandemic.

Applications support candidates with SQL / scripting / BI abilities continue to be in demand as businesses seem to prefer in-house support for their ERP/CRM systems.

Entry level developers, organisations are looking to the stars of the future.  Investment in training and attraction of top graduate talent has proven to be a success across the region.


We expect an uplift in technology recruitment to take place between October 2023 and March 2024, as the green shoots of recovery take hold.  Hopefully inflation halves from it’s current c10% state and interest rates begin to gradually settle back into a downward groove.

We predict salaries will improve on average by some 5 to 7%, moving into the latter part of 2024 and across the full spectrum of tech skills.  Clearly there will continue to be a dearth of in-demand / niche skills, this could see a further c10-15% rise for those people and over the next 12 to 18 months.

Interface Salary Guide

IT Management Ave £ YOY % +/-
Project Management £55,500
Development Manager £60,750 +1
Network Manager £60,000
Data Manager £57,500
Infrastructure Manager £57,500  –
Service Delivery Manager £55,500 +2
Head of IT £65,000
IT Operations Manager £65,250 +5
Programme Manager £82,000 +3
Infrastructure Projects Manager £65,000 +2
Popular Roles   Ave £  YOY % +/-
Web Developer – mid experience £42,000
Azure Engineer £68,000 +6
SQL / BI Developer SSIS/SSRS £47,500 +2
PHP / open source development £47,500 +1
.Net Full Stack £55,500 +1
Agile (PM/Manager) £65,000
Agile Software Development £58,000 +5
JavaScript/HTML/CSS Developer £45,500 +5
Cloud Security £75,000 +16
Python Developer £65,500 +7
Infrastructure Engineer £45,500 +1
Test Analyst £35,500 -5
Business Analyst £45,000 -1
AWS Engineer £68,000 +6
Development Roles   Ave £  YOY % +/-
.Net low level £32,500 +1
.Net mid level £42,500
.Net Higher level £55,500 +1
SQL – T-SQL £47,500
Python £65,500 +7
PHP £47,500 +1
Scrum/Agile Development £58,000 +5
VB.Net £45,500 +4
Entry/Grad Level Developers £30,000
Net Architect £80,000
PL/SQL £45,500 +6
J2EE £65,500 +2
Objective C £50,500 -7
C++ £65,500 +2
Magneto Developer £50,500 +2
Infrastructure Roles   Ave £  YOY % +/-
Infrastructure engineer £45,500 +1
Linux engineer £50,500 +3
Cloud based infrastructure engineer – AZURE/AWS £68,000 -1
Exchange specialist £57,000 +5
1st Line Technician £22,000 +1
2nd Line Support Technician £32,500 +2
Helpdesk £21,000
Cisco Engineer mid level £50,500 +4
SAN – Storage consultant (Enterprise) £50,000 +4
Active Directory Specialist £50,000 +1
SQL Server DBA £47,000 +3
Apache – Web Server Engineer £50,000 +5
Citrix £40,500
CCNA – network engineer intermediate level £45,000
CCNP – Accomplished Network Engineer £66,750 +5

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