Recruitment fees

10% Recruitment fees

Why recruitment businesses should reduce fees?


Interface are offering reduced IT recruitment fees, to help our clients get back on their feet during these troubled times.  All recruitment businesses will have to adapt and provide financial assistance that is geared towards providing a sustainable recruitment platform.

We’re all in this together.  Helping people back into work but without excessive fees, is the least recruitment partners should do. To chat to us about this, please simply call and ask or you can email via this link Contact Interface.

Alternatively, If you’re not recruiting now but still wish to register a vacancy then this is an option too.  We’ll take the vacancy requirement and press the II pause button.  Then when you’re ready, we’ll honour the reduced fees agreement but at a point in time, that’s right for you.

Free replacement hire

To add further insurance to your recruiting plans.  Interface also offer a free replacement service on all placements made within the exclusive programme.  * Rebates are also available subject to review.


Fee structure:  (Recruitment fees below can be agreed per role or on a longer term basis)


  • Total Exclusivity (per role)                         10%


  • Exclusive & Volume based:                      12.5%


  • Exclusive & non volume (contingency):    15%


  • Competitive Recruitment                          17.5%


  • Specialist & Executive                              POA


  • Total Exclusivity requires complete ownership of the vacancy only and not your recruitment in general. Interface would manage all candidate applications direct/external and be the only 3rd party involved.


  • Exclusive & Volume requires Interface to be the only 3rd party and have 2 or more vacancies placed with Interface *Orgs own advertising ok


  • Exclusive and Non Volume requires 1 vacancy to be placed with Interface and no other 3rd parties.  *Orgs own advertising ok


  • Competitive Recruitment requires open transparency regarding how many suppliers will be working the vacancy alongside Interface.  *Orgs own advertising ok


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