Python…a technology with real bite

Python...a technology with real bite IT Recruitment Leeds

Python as a general language is in a upward growth pattern and ever more popular in general technology news. Early age adoption with programmes of education using the language are fuelling a market growth across numerous regions. Stake overflow 2018 developer survey showed Python as being the language most wanted to learn. Python’s versatility from simple website development to high volume data mining and machine learning mean a true opportunity to grow as a technology of choice.

Recent surveys of a Python user base covering blogs, mailing lists , LI users and Twitter threw out some interesting stats.

Python users range widely in age but a large but largely sit in the 20’s and 30’s age ranges with almost a fifth of Python users being under the age of 20. Clearly this can be explained by the heavy use of Python in Academia. Interestingly, of the surveyed responders more than half were full time developers but one in five took extra responsibility for data analysis, architecture or leadership roles. As a direct comparison to developers in all technology stacks Python developers were large more likely to be self-employed or freelance. The figures suggest Python has a larger growth rate than all other developer technology stacks. There is also an inference that Python developers on average are more likely to work individually on projects rather than be in a team of Python developers. Most Python developers tend to focus on one main project with a handful of side projects rather than a singular large project….maybe one of the reasons for the attraction of the technology with candidates typically enjoying roles with variety and change.

Interestingly another area of market development has given Python a shot in the arm…Data Scientists account for the largest set of Python users just ahead of web developers. Python developers are in demand for a wide range of jobs regardless of geo location with the UK being a hotbed for Python careers.  These roles include machine learning, databases, data analysis, cloud infrastructure, design, testing, web scraping, security, mobile development, API’s, scientific research and R&D. The average salary for Junior Python Developers (£35,000) and for Senior Python Developers (£57,500) both come with double digit growth over the past quarter and show the technology as being in demand. The popularity of Data Science seems to have had an impact of the popularity of Python.

Studies are showing scientific development is now as popular as web development for the usage of Python but many Python developers wear many hats combing roles. The most popular framework used with Python is Django with Scientific packages such as NumPy, pandas and Matplotlib combing very often with Python. Other popular frameworks and libraries include Requets, Flask, Kers/Theano/TensorFlow/Scikit-learn. Clearly Django is favoured in the web dev sector but web developers are also combining scientific libraries showing a trend of overlapping roles.

The overall suggestion is that Python is a great technology to promote your career. If you would like to contact us for more specific salary guide information, or general help with your career or simply would like to hear about some of the many vacancies we have involving Python please do get in contact with Interface Recruitment for an informal chat.