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  • Completely free
  • Employers-Request bespoke tests; specific to your needs
  • Candidates-Test yourself online and receive a free certificate
  • Secure and private
  • Easy to define test settings
  • No software installations required
  • Custom certificated & exam branding
  • Give Exams with Public & Private options
  • Create assistants to help and manage your account
  • Results automatically graded to and instantly viewable
  • PCs,Macs,iPad,iPhone,Android,Chromebook & more


Interface Recruitment provide end to end testing for IT Infrastructure evironments. This can include validation TEMS and Cloud Based TEMS for maintaning systems.


Test your own skills online in areas such as PHP, Java, ASP.Net and more. Our online testing allows you to test your skills independently and increase your employment prospects today.


For more complex areas our team can test you on software applications, analysing data and fault finding using specific test questions in a timed environment. Discover what we can offer you in terms of Analysis / Testing today.


Testing in the management environment can take on many forms. From project management to more complex envrionments you can challenge yourself and see what you need to improve your skill set.


Discover how ERP/CRM/ Database tests are so important and can lead you to better employment prospects. Our tests are specific to each area and can help you spot pitfalls in your experience. Take a test today.

For Employers

Create Custom Tests

Our team can work with you to develop custom tests than suit your business. The testing platform is ideal to test from beginner level to more experienced candidates or current team members.

View Results Instantly

Time is valuable and no more so when hiring new team members. You can find out in real time a candidates skill set increasing the time to hire process and knowing you have a fully qualified candidate on board.

Analyze Statistics

You can view test results by group, individual or category. This allows you to evaluate tests and compare candidates with ease. Talk to our team about test analytics.


Find Out How You Can Take A Test Today


If you are a candidate or an employer that would like to set up/take a test, then please complete the green registration form on the right.

The whole exercise will take 5 minutes of your time to construct and the test is as detailed and time consuming as you wish.

It’s that simple.

Once you receive your login detail, login, follow the on screen instructions and go through the test process step by step. Finally, click complete and the system will generate a certificate for you. The test results could be useful when hiring a new member for your teams; conversely if you are a candidate looking to test your skills, then just keep the results and certificate for yourself.

Take it to interviews with you, it could make all the difference.

If you are an employer, you can witness real time progress and within the test facility – watch as it happens – and then view the test results as they instantly become available.

Furthermore, you can view which questions the candidate took the most time to answer, either correctly or incorrectly. This could highlight a key area of support and development in your current team but perhaps more importantly, help you make the correct decision on that fresh hire.

If required, the Interface team will happily take you through the process.

Just ask the team and take a test today.