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  • Employers: Request bespoke tests; specific to your needs
  • Candidates: Test yourself online, receive a free certificate
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  • Live view of tests as they happen
  • Easy to define test settings
  • No software installations required
  • Custom certificated & exam branding
  • Give Exams with Public & Private options
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  • Results automatically graded and instant results
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Interface Recruitment provide end to end testing for IT Infrastructure environments.


We test for the full array of development technologies inc but not limited to Java, .Net, Ruby on Rails, PHP, Python.


Business intelligence development and analytical skills inc all software applications and test tools can be verified.


Project management, programme or service delivery management.  What methodology and processes does the candidate follow?


Database tests cover the full array of RDBMS systems and beyond. We will test a candidates SQL knowledge and/or their ability to configure and administer effectively.

Create Custom Tests

Our team can work with you to develop custom tests than suit your business. The testing platform is ideal to test from beginner level to more experienced candidates or current team members.

View Results Instantly

Real time review of candidate abilities; watch the test live and as it happens.  What questions did they falter on, what areas will they need your support to cover as they continue their employment

Analyze Statistics

You can view test results by group, individual or category. This allows you to evaluate tests and compare candidates with ease. Talk to our team about test analytics.


Find Out How You Can Take A Test Today


If you are a candidate or an employer that would like to set up/take a test, then please complete the green registration form on the right.

Completion of your test criteria will only take 2 minutes of your time.  Beyond the original enquiry we will call you to determine what type of test you wish to employ and help you base your test on a specific technology or process. We also help you construct the style of test.  So, multiple choice, descriptive (SA writing), odd one out or a mix of all options available.

Once the test has been compiled by the Interface team you will receive the chance to run the test yourself as we will provide you with a login.  Once in, you will follow some on screen instructions. Please then go through the test process step by step ti make sure it is fit for purpose. Finally, once finished, please click complete and the system will generate a certificate for you and a set of results.

Real time progress:   Within the test facility we can also organise for you to watch the test live; simply watch it as it happens.  You can then view the test results as they instantly become available.

Furthermore, you can view which questions the candidate took the most time to answer.. This could highlight a key area of training/support in your current team but perhaps more importantly, help you make the correct decision on that fresh hire.

The Interface team will happily take you through the test process.  Just ask the team and take a test today.