Marcelo Bielsa…what can we learn?

Marcelo Bielsa...what can we learn? IT Recruitment Leeds

Marcelo Bielsa:

• Arrives at Leeds United and immediately makes the squad collect litter around Thorpe Arch and tasks them with manual labour so they appreciate what working class fans do on a daily basis to be able to afford to support the club.

• Admits to “spying” and accepts full responsibility, giving a detailed explanations of his motives and how he’s failed to consider English culture. Pays the FA £200,000 fine in full.

• Loses his cool when, by his standards, his players exploit a situation to unfairly score a goal. Orders his players to allow the opposition to walk the ball into the net to undo the advantage.

• Quietly punishes his players away from the media and supporters, but backs them completely in front of the cameras. He pays all their Club and FA fines throughout the season because he believes that if they fall below the standards expected by the FA, then he has failed to exemplify and motivate them to meet them.

• Choses to live in a 1 bed granny flat in Wetherby and walks the 2 miles to work everyday.

• Holds informal staff meetings in the local Costa because isn’t it what normal people do at work? What a leader! Society in general could learn a thing or two from this man.

The above post was written by Robert Young ( an Assistant Project Manager. I knew about a few of the facts in his post but not all and think it is really well put together with good sentiment.

It’s a rarity nowadays that professional football teaches us many usable life lessons that we can implement in our working world. There are unfortunately more bad examples than good coming out of the game ,so it’s refreshing to see someone in our local region showing a strong moral compass and set of principles that we can try and implement in our own working environment. I’m not a Leeds supporter but I can see how Marcelo Bielsa’s ethics will permeate through all of Leeds United and likely enhance their reputation, commercial and on-field success.