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There are a long list of Leeds Recruitment agencies and choosing the correct one is a minefield.  Hopefully our guide will help a little as it’s really quite simple when you look at it from a recruitment professionals perspective.


In history, life and especially so in a vocation, you would say that it’s a safe bet if a person has experience, that they’re going to be good at something or it’s highly likely.  Perhaps more importantly, you could look at it like this?  If they have managed to stay in their industry, for a long period of time, then other people think they’re good too.  So you really should start here – what have those people said about the person you are going to trust with your hiring?

Ask the question of your recruiter, research them…

If your options are limited to recommendation alone, then thats a good start.  Should you be travelling through Google for reviews, then make sure you take a detailed look at your new supplier; what do candidates AND clients say about them.


If your choice of recruiter will be made quickly then we advise going for a local specialist, with offices in or around your area.  During the iinitial screening process, you should focus on how the recruiter manages their candidates; do they practice recruitment using a fair code of conduct?  After all, they are representing your business, so here are a few questions you need to be asking of Leeds recruitment agencies

Questions for your new agency

  • How do they initially engage with their candidates?
  • What do their candidates/clients say about them in the Leeds Recruitment agencies market? Interface testimonials
  • Once they receive your vacancy, how do they approach the market and have you reviewed any of their adverts, are they well written?
  • Do they use spam techniques to approach candidates on your behalf; such as mass mailing or persistent misdirected calls using your brand name?
  • Do they meet their candidates to qualify properly (this could be face to face /video con)
  • What methods do they use to screen & test their candidates Interface testing?
  • What channels do they use to entice candidates – are they using a multi-channel approach; not just grabbing the lowest hanging fruit from the popular job boards?
  • How are they rated as an agency, have you checked Google Reviews, indeed reviews etc?
  • Candidate journey – what processes are in place to manage your candidates fairly?  Communication, consistency and detailed approach built on complete trust, are key.


For instance, when choosing a Leeds recruitment agency, make sure that they understand the Leeds market and have practised IT Recruitment in a practical, ethical and proper manner.  The very first representation of your business is via the agency you choose and in an ever competitive market, the initial approach is make or break for your business.

There is certainly a good choice of Leeds Recruitment agencies, so choose your supplier based on what candidates have to say.  After all, a candidate is the agencies product and if they handle their candidates correctly, they have received good reviews, then you have probably chosen a good supplier.

We list here our service level agreement that will enable you to make the right choice from a long list of Leeds recruitment agencies

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