Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA)….can Yorkshire fly into recovery?

Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA)....can Yorkshire fly into recovery? IT Recruitment Leeds

Opinions seem divided when you read the comments on every article about the new plans submitted to Leeds City Council this month to build a new terminal at Leeds Bradford Airport. Clearly there are a number of stakeholders who are immediately impacted by the scheme from local residents to LBA employees.

What is clear now, more than ever is that the area needs a world class airport with sustainable, efficient and service oriented platforms which can help drive economic activity into the region. There have been numerous calls to relocate the Airport and there are some good arguments to be made on both remaining and relocating. However, these new plans seem focused on achieving a few key goals in growing passenger numbers, ensuring customer experience is at a premium level and ensuring the environmental impact actually reduces current output levels.

This is seemingly not a new application but an improved application from one that has already been given permission to go ahead. The improvements will stand LBA apart and allow us to leverage more inward investment.

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