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Sunderland is a city by the sea, once renowned as a port trading coal and salt, the city has modernised to a commercial city centre that attracts national brands. Undergoing drastic redevelopment over the last few decades, Sunderland attracted names such as Nissan to the city before the eventual development of the Doxford International Business Park that would put Sunderland on the IT roadmap. The city continues to develop under council strategy, of which you can learn more by contacting our team with the reference IT Recruitment Sunderland.

Interface Recruitment have had a significant presence in the North East of England for many years, boasting fantastic relationships with businesses in Sunderland. As a leading city of technology in our coverage area, it has always been of great importance for us to work closely with the local businesses to source opportunity.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

Interface Recruitment is about more than simply sourcing candidates for businesses who demand particular skill sets. We work closely with individuals whom boast skills of demand, offering a personalised service of finding the right placement for you. Our team can support you in landing a tailored role whether on a temporary, part-time or full-time basis. We strive to make sure every client receives a unique, encouraging and productive experience with us.

IT Recruitment Sunderland IT Recruitment Leeds


The Interface Recruitment team have over thirty years of collective experience, much of which has been served in the local area to candidates very much alike yourself.

IT Recruitment Sunderland IT Recruitment Leeds


Not only do we have great relationships with businesses in Sunderland, but we continue to communicate and work with businesses throughout the entire North East of England too.

IT Recruitment Sunderland IT Recruitment Leeds


Nobody can tell a success story better than a client themselves, which is why we are very proud of the substantial amount of positive feedback we have received across many platforms.

Whether you are relocating or simply making a career change, it is no small step to take. We want to make sure that you have as much information as possible, so please do reach out and reference IT Recruitment Sunderland so our team can provide more helpful information to support your decision.

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Why Choose Sunderland?

The development of the Doxford International Business Park not only attracted a diverse range of businesses to the area, but saw national recognition as one of leading cities in the United Kingdom for technology. Other developments followed such as the commercial development of the former shipyard amongst others.

The city also opens exciting opportunity for potential relocation, with a sizable city centre atmosphere and beach-side outdoors, not to mention successful sports teams. Priding itself on diverse culture, you will find international cuisine and communities throughout the city. Having rail and bus amongst other transportation available, an escape away to neighboring cities is not one of difficulty either.

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If a life by the sandy beach has grabbed your attention or you crave the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities arising through substantial commercial developments, our team can certainly help. Please reference IT Recruitment Sunderland when talking to us for relevant information about the location and opportunities available in the area.

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