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Rotherham developed from a small market town into a major industrial centre based around coal and steel industries. Bordering Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster; the town has become part of a community whose reliance on the public sector has grown as heavy manufacturing has declined. Whilst the public sector does still sustain a large part of IT recruitment in Rotherham, austerity measures have led to more and more migration of IT staff to Sheffield. Rotherham could be the right move for you however, reference IT Recruitment Rotherham to our team for more information.

Interface Recruitment always have and continue to work closely with brands in Rotherham with a demand for technology skill sets, sourcing opportunities for our candidates to land their dream role whilst offering our clients a stable and professional candidate for their position. What makes us different, is the personalisation of our service.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

Interface Recruitment are an IT recruitment agency, one of thousands out there whom claim to offer the best opportunities, a unique approach and much more. So who should you really be working with? What makes one agency different? Whilst we certainly believe our experience and industry knowledge quality, we want to focus on our approach. We work with clients on a bespoke basis to understand your objective and to make that happen, not settling for second best.

IT Recruitment Rotherham IT Recruitment Leeds


Not only are Interface Recruitment one of the most experienced IT recruitment agencies nationally, we boast a vast amount of experience local to the clients and candidates of the Rotherham.

IT Recruitment Rotherham IT Recruitment Leeds


The Rotherham is vast with far more opportunity than any individual could consider getting their foot in the door for. Interface Recruitment do exactly that via our existing relationships.

IT Recruitment Rotherham IT Recruitment Leeds


It is without doubt that Interface Recruitment’s processes work, evident by a continious and consistent receipt of positive reviews by both candidate and clients in the local area.

You can speak to a member of our recruitment team today for answers to any questions or concerns, simply reach out to us quoting reference IT Recruitment Rotherham and we will be happy to be of assistance in guiding you through this next stage in your career.

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Why Choose Rotherham?

IT Recruitment in Rotherham falls behind Sheffield but remains competitive with its other neighbours (Barnsley / Doncaster). Rotherham is characteristically low volume and highly skilled which poses challenges to an area in which the local IT skills base is relatively weak. To attract a more modern and diverse employee base IT Recruitment Agencies in Rotherham have to think not just ‘outside the box’ but outside the area.

Rotherham has had major investment in out of town business parks along Manvers Way and the Rother Valley Park leading to an increased need of highly skilled IT staff. Business process outsourcing remains a growth sector for the town and as the BPO sector is reliant on innovative technology for outsourcing admin functions. The region is also supported by a strong FMCG showing with thousands of employees in the region working in one of the 300 food based businesses providing further requirement for IT Recruitment in the Rotherham district.

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Enquire About IT Recruitment Rotherham

If you would like to learn more or speak to one of our team about positions available in the Rotherham, simply reference IT Recruitment Rotherham when getting in touch with us and our team will be able to provide more information. Looking for something specific in the Rotherham? Simply let us know and we will be able to assist with your inquiry.

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