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The North East of England is home to several large cities that significantly contribute to the technology industry such as Newcastle, Durham, Middlesborough, Gateshead and Sunderland. Offering rich inner-country culture or seaside and marina views, there is something for everyone in the North East. Many areas of the North East are seeing encouragement from local councils for further commercial development and are very much responsible for continuously driving recognisible brands to the area. These brands among local businesses too, will always have demand for a range of IT skill sets. As a large region of the United Kingdom with such diversification in towns, cities and employment opportunities, we strongly believe a tailored IT position is out there for everyone. Want to learn more? Contact us with the reference IT Recruitment North East or continue on below to learn more about Interface Recruitment and the North East of England.

Not only do Interface Recruitment have an established presence and relationship with businesses in the cities mentioned above, but we have relationships throughout the North East of England and the surrounding areas. Not only do these relationships develop full-time opportunities for those looking to relocate, perform a new skill-set or perhaps find something better suited, but we can offer our candidates both part-time and temporary positions too.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

Interface Recruitment are not your typical IT recruitment agency, there is much more to our process than match-making and we value you beyond the jigsaw piece that fits into the business puzzle. Delivering a personalised service of which we are very proud, our team are able to work with you to determine surface and underlying objectives not only in your career but life itself, helping find a tailored opportunity that best serves you, whilst offering a credible match for our business clients too.

IT Recruitment North East IT Recruitment Leeds


The team here at Interface Recruitment boast a wealth of knowledge in the industry, accumulated via over thirty years of collective experience in the IT recruitment industry.

IT Recruitment North East IT Recruitment Leeds


Working with thousands of businesses across the county, we have an extensive business network that opens doors of opportunity for IT positions at a range of recognisible brands.

IT Recruitment North East IT Recruitment Leeds


1000’s of candidates whom have successfully found the perfect role have voiced their satisfactions in reviews online and we surely hope you will be the next success story with us.

Remember, our team are always here to help and would love to answer any questions you have in regards to IT recruitment in the North East of England or about Interface Recruitment. For information relevant to the area, quote IT Recruitment North East when connected to a member of our team.

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Why Choose North East England?

Home to more than 2,500,000 residents and some of the largest brands internationally, the North East of England has vast opportunity for someone with an IT skill set, whether you are a network engineer, software developer or perhaps an online marketing professional. Over 3,000 square miles and host of large cities and towns, the county has something for everyone. The North East Enterprise Zone is an exciting note worthy scheme, encouraging the application of technology across a range of industries.

There is little worthy of critisism generically with successful educational and government systems throughout the county, ambitious and keen to see technology continue to play a larger role in the area as attracting businesses continues to be a priority to commercial growth. The North East has an answer to travel demand, whether travelling by road, road, air or even by sea.

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Enquire About IT Recruitment North East

Offering such diverse opportunity based on the locations of interest within the county, we would certainly expect you to have some questions and be eager to learn more about the area. By reaching out to us with the reference IT Recruitment North East, our team will be able to provide relevant information expanding on the points described here.

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