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IT Recruitment Manchester – why Interface Recruitment?

It’s our deep understanding of the North West IT market, technology trends and the availability of local IT people, that sets us apart from other IT recruitment agencies in Manchester.

Interface Recruitment provides IT recruitment services in Manchester across the full spectrum of IT and industry sectors.

Management hires through to 1st line support, we service them all.

The team primarily specialise within technical domains and enjoy focusing on niche skills wher they draw deep into their network to unearth the very best candidates; that are not available on the open market.  We also service what could be called rudimentary / entry level job vacancies and excel at providing a personable, friendly and thorough service whatever the landscape may be.

Good service starts with our own people.  We work closely with our teams to regularly train, development and build confidence in the IT markets they are work within.

We would love to hear from you, so please call and reference IT Recruitment Manchester

How we recruit in the modern age?

Interface Recruitment have adapted to new technology and search methods, it’s fair to say that the old fashioned method of advertising and job board searching is dead. Our new technology includes but is not limited to; Stack Overflow, LinkedIn Recruiter, Focused Indeed campaigns and Twitter & Facebook.  With tried and trusted search methods still in practice, working in conjunction with our new tech & social approach, we are confident that Interface Recruitment is the right choice for IT Recruitment in Manchester.

Why do clients choose Interface Recruitment?

We take time to tailor flexible % recruitment terms that are bespoke to your business, your needs and are financially manageable.  We also invest heavily in relationship building and manage a long standing network of Manchester based IT people.  Our teams work quickly but with care and the sole aim of sourcing the next available IT specialist.

IT Recruitment Manchester Experience


Interface Recruitment have a combined experience pool of several decades in the IT recruitment Manchester sector

IT Recruitment Manchester Network


Working closely with local businesses in Manchester, our networking delivers opportunities of a diverse nature.  This helps us find something interesting for many IT candidates.

IT Recruitment Manchester Success


We have connected thousands of candidates with their ideal employer in Manchester, however what makes it special for us is the overwhelming feedback we receive.  Please see our Testimonials page

Why Choose Manchester?

Manchester is a vibrant centre of excellence for IT and Technology Jobs. The sector is broadening at a rapid pace as the diversity of technology and skills required within the Manchester IT Jobs sector grows. It’s location is served well by an extensive motorway, public transport and international airport travel network.  It welcomes all cultures, diversity and creativity and will only grow in terms of it’s IT  provision and as the world grows with it. Manchester is a large city with a volume of diverse opportunity, so we would certainly expect you to have a few questions or concerns. If you want to talk, simply contact us with the reference IT Recruitment Manchester.

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IT Recruitment agencies Manchester

We appreciate it is a difficult and sometimes a problematic journey when sourcing for suitable IT Recruitment agencies in Manchester.  Be confident that our team are always hear to assist you, whether you are wanting to raise some questions or learn more about how we can help you with your IT recruitment. In order for us to best serve you with relevant information, please reference IT Recruitment Manchester when you contact us via telephone, email or by completing a contact form here on the website.

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