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As a town that doesn’t scream out corporate culture or seem like a location for the next major brand headquarters, many dismiss the potential for sourcing an IT career in the area too quickly. Whilst home to only a few more than thirty-five thousand, Ilkeston is a small town closely connected to a technology networked county and large cities such as Nottingham and Derby. Once a town driven by coal mining, Ilkeston could today be the relocation option you were looking for to relaunch your IT career. Want to learn more? Simply read on, or get in touch with us today providing IT Recruitment Ilkeston as a reference to our helpful team.

Interface Recruitment are closely connected with businesses in Ilkeston, Nottingham, Derby and beyond, boasting access to opportunities and IT positions in the area for a diverse range of skill sets whether you are a software engineer or website developer. Whilst businesses continue to demand technology expertise, Interface Recruitment continue to source opportunity for you.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

We invest in our candidates in the currency of business networking. Our team never rest, always sourcing the next opportunity so that we have an array of options for you. Everyone who comes to us at Interface Recruitment has their own story and goals, however our extensive range of opportunities makes it significantly easier for us to be able to allocate something quickly that is ideally suited to the candidate whilst also ensuring the client receives an optimal recruit.

IT Recruitment Ilkeston IT Recruitment Leeds


Our team boast a wealth of experience in IT recruitment throughout their careers, collectively responsible for several decades of experience in and around the Ilkeston area.

IT Recruitment Ilkeston IT Recruitment Leeds


Networking is everything in the recruitment industry and none do it better than Interface Recruitment. WE are closely involved with the business community in Ilkeston and beyond.

IT Recruitment Ilkeston IT Recruitment Leeds


In addition to the glowing reviews and endorsements submitted online by satisfied candidates, we boast a successful track record of introducing candidates to suitable positions.

There is much more to Interface Recruitment than we can possibly summarise in a few brief statements and we certainly recommend that you reach out to our team for more information. For information relevant to the topics discussed here, reference IT Recruitment Ilkeston to our team when connected.

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Why Choose Ilkeston?

Ilkeston doesn’t scream rich history, successful sports or corporate culture as you would expect from your aspiring location, however there is an offering worth consideration. Ilkeston offers the small town lifestyle with rich culture and a friendly community that offers access to neighboring cities whilst maintaining that element of privacy.

The town delivers convenient driving situated moments away from the M1, however the railway station is no longer active. Despite actually being in Derbyshire, Nottingham is in fact closer and offers convenient access to those major brands who produce opportunity. That doesn’t mean no opportunity resides in Ilkeston however, with businesses throughout the town still in demand of expertise in the IT field.

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You can learn plenty more about the opportunities available in Ilkeston and the surrounding cities by referencing IT Recruitment Ilkeston when you speak to our helpful team. They will be able to not only provide additional information but to answer any questions or concerns that you have about taking this step in your career.

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