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Hull is fast paced and out stripping national averages. Hull can be considered insular. A great example of this lies in Kingston Communications where over 90% of the employee base in Hull are local residents. Whilst this commitment to home grown skills is to be applauded it stifles diversity and leaves the City vulnerable when specific or niche skills are in short supply and high demand. Referencing IT Recruitment Hull when you reach out to us will allow our IT recruitment specialists to provide more information about this.

As a leading Recruitment Agency in Hull, Interface has strong links to the The University of Hull’s excellent Computer Science department. Alarmingly there is a perception that young, talented professionals return home or turn to “Sexier Cities”.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

There are hundreds or even thousands whom apply for each available position in the current employment climate, which can make it really hard for you to stand out. Interface Recruitment don’t only source and present opportunities for temporary and permanent employment, but we also work with you independently to help ensure that you get the best position. Our candidates are the most important asset of our trade and we strive to ensure your position leaves you fulfilled and rewarded.

Why Choose Hull?

Hull’s digital sector is one of the largest contributors to the regional economy contributing around a quarter of the total. IT recruitment in Hull is therefore playing, and will continue to play, a large part in the success of the region. Having one of the fastest broadband services in Lightstream has been key to many of the digital successes but ultimately a limiting factor will always be the ability to recruit highly skilled IT professionals to seek out the benefit of the technology. There is a push to attract technology start-ups into the city as can be seen in the development near the fruit market housing tech firms of all sizes.

Commuting and migration patterns also show cause for concern as Leeds and York can be seen as bigger attractions for diverse career opportunities and generally higher salaries. Of course these benefits change and are as cyclical as most markets are but will prove challenging to IT Recruitment in Hull generally.

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Whether you are looking for temporary employment, a fresh start in a new career or are perhaps looking to relocate to Hull from elsewhere, you will surely have questions that you want to discuss. Simply establish contact with us and reference IT Recruitment Hull for more information about the opportunities that are available to you.

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