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On the North Sea coast, Hartlepool began to maximise potential over the last few decades’ post-redevelopment of the docks area into what is today the marina. Almost 100,000 people reside in Hartlepool today, many of whom from an IT field remain local working with brands invested in the shopping centres that established from as early as the 1970s. Hartlepool isn’t without opportunity to date however, from which you can learn more from reaching out to us with the reference IT Recruitment Hartlepool or by continuing below.

Here at Interface Recruitment however, we don’t have the luxury of time to indulge the sceneries of the marina. Our efforts are served by establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships with businesses in the area to ensure that we continue to deliver our candidates promising opportunity specific to their field.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

There are many recruitment processes that Interface utilise, it is fair to claim that the recruitment tools we use will enable you to secure a tailored position in the Hartlepool area. We prefer to offer a personalised service that leaves you feeling comfortable and happy throughout the entire recruiting journey. IT Recruitment is Hartlepool lives in the shadow of Newcastle and other larger cities and towns, that said there is still a hot bed of activity and Interface are perfectly placed to assist you.

IT Recruitment Hartlepool IT Recruitment Leeds


Experience speaks volumes, not only of knowledge but of consistent results. The team here at Interface Recruitment boast an impressive collective experience of multiple decades.

IT Recruitment Hartlepool IT Recruitment Leeds


Relationships in the industry are about much more than just sourcing opportunity, but establishing a foundation that gets your foot through the door and creates real potential.

IT Recruitment Hartlepool IT Recruitment Leeds


The best voice from which to hear praise about any business is somebody who has encountered the service first hand and we recommend checking out our glowing reviews across the internet.

We want you to be well informed before rushing into anything, so please don’t hesitate to bring any questions or concerns to us. If you provide our team with the reference IT Recruitment Hartlepool, we will be able to immediately provide more information to support your assessment of this opportunity.

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Why Choose Hartlepool?

Hosting award winning attractions (Hartlepool Quay, Museum, St Hildas) and a beautiful marina, the city isn’t short of sights to see. On a more permanent basis however, there is plenty to offer an individual of family moving into the area. From modern sports centres through to your typical city recreational venues, there is plenty of opportunity for family time. Whilst a vibrant nightlife and diverse restaurant scene caters for those inclined.

Whilst the city isn’t a central transport hotspot to thriving neighbors, the technology scene in the city has proven to satisfy those of a range of IT relevant skill sets from networking through to development services.

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If the Hartlepool lifestyle and opportunity of establishing a new career has raised interest, we would be more than happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you have. How? Simply reach us via any of the provided contact methods with the reference IT Recruitment Hartlepool and we will be able to kindly assist you.

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