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Times have evolved somewhat after Halifax’s humble and green beginnings. The town’s name was recorded in 1091, as Halifax and was derived from the old English word Halh-Gefeaxe, which meant area of coarse grass in the nook of land. Now, slide forward 500 years and manufacturing ruled the land with woolen items shaping the commerce of the town. Halifax then became famous for its chocolate and toffee production where Mackintosh developed the brands Rolo, Quality street and Rowntrees. Many businesses that recruit for IT in Halifax are now based in the Dean Clough Mills, which is still the largest mill in Europe, covering approx. ½ a mile! Interested in the IT related opportunities in Halifax? Get in touch with us referencing IT Recruitment Halifax.

Interface works closely with clients to develop a platform that helps businesses recruit for IT people in Halifax. We appreciate what it takes and work hard to recruit IT people in Halifax and can do this with confidence due to our years in the local market; we understand logistic/geographical boundaries and enjoy unparalleled local client & candidate knowledge. We understand the challenges in play and that the region is different to that of its nearest rivals, West, North and South Yorkshire.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

An IT recruitment specialist can hold significant value to your ability to acquire the right position in the sector, yet we seek to go the extra mile and make the process one focused on positive change and excitement, opposed to the stress and agony of sourcing, interviewing and researching. Every candidate is treated as an individual, as we work with you to find a solution custom tailored to your needs and goals.

Why Choose Halifax?

Halifax is the base of numerous global / multinational organisations and is becoming more popular due to lower land and development costs than it’s big rivals, Leeds and Bradford. Organisations in the area, rightly so, make Halifax an appealing place to work by adopting google-esq work spaces, subsidised restaurant facilities and all within floor to ceiling glassed office space. Break out areas with picnic benches, board games, bean bags, table tennis tables and Xbox / PlayStation are now available at ‘break time’. Other Halifax companies offer flexi-time, I.T Certifications and I.T training, re-training, working from home or onsite crèches to help with child care.

IT recruitment in Halifax doesn’t suffer in terms of location perhaps so much as other Yorkshire based businesses. Halifax has a reliable and regular rail network that caters for Leeds, Manchester and Bradford, with one of the main employers.

Dean Clough mills, only a 10-minute walk from the station. Dean Clough is now a tremendous place to work with, free parking, many eateries and gyms on site.

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We are never more than a phone call or email away, always readily available to answer any queries or questions and discuss opportunities available to you in Halifax. Want to talk? Contact our team referencing IT Recruitment Halifax and find out what we can do for you, blossoming a new and fruitful relationship.

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