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Across the River Tyne opposing Newcastle, Gateshead is known as a town of architecture whilst being presently home to 120,000 residents. The town has seen significant development over the last decade as a result of council plans which includes business developments that attracted national brands into the area. These brands, local businesses and start-ups alike contribute towards creating the present demand for IT skills. Want to learn more? Keep on reading below or reach out to our team with reference IT Recruitment Gateshead for more information about the area and the opportunities within.

Interface Recruitment have been actively involved in Gateshead and Newcastle for years, helping businesses find suitable candidates whilst helping individuals like yourself find the position best tailored towards their needs too. As a recruitment agency, our relationships can act as your door opener to opportunities that could offer significant career development.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

We at Interface Recruitment believe that people are the most valuable asset to any business, supporting processes and creative thinking with unique skill sets. Our objective is to help candidates and business clients alike by developing personal relationships to understand your goals and objectives to find a tailored fit. Whether the position you are looking for is one of a temporary or full-time nature, there is an opportunity out there that Interface Recruitment can introduce you to.

IT Recruitment Gateshead IT Recruitment Leeds


Not only have we worked in the IT recruitment industry for a collective period of multiple decades, but we boast experience specifically within Gateshead and surrounding areas.

IT Recruitment Gateshead IT Recruitment Leeds


Managed business relationships are the source of all good opportunities, which is why it is an important factor that Interface Recruitment work so closely with businesses locally.

IT Recruitment Gateshead IT Recruitment Leeds


We haven’t just worked with hundreds, but thousands of individuals whom were looking for something better in their career. Many of whom voice their praise with online reviews.

Reach out to us with the reference IT Recruitment Gateshead and we will be able to provide more information on why Interface Recruitment is the best option for you and provide relevant information about the area, available opportunities and elaborate on those we have helped locally.

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Why Choose Gateshead?

Gateshead has a great deal to offer, whether it is a quite dining experience in one of the towns locally operated cafes or an evening view of the lights at Gateshead Quays. As a town so closely associated with Newcastle, it can often feel like being in a substantially larger city at times. Whether a vibrant music and entertainment scene or one of sports and outdoors activity is what you are looking for in life, there is a place in Gateshead for you.

The rail systems in both Gateshead and Newcastle in addition to inner-city cycle ways and low traffic roads make travel to and from Newcastle a breeze, unlocking the potential of two great areas in one relocation.

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Enquire About IT Recruitment Gateshead

Whether it is Gateshead that has caught your attention or Newcastle just across the river, we can certainly elaborate on the information and opportunities that have been touched upon within this information. If you reference IT Recruitment Gateshead when contacting us, our team will be able to quickly support you and answer any questions you have.

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