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Barnsley is no different to other UK cities who had economies focused around the coal and supporting industries. The industry, which had fallen into decline over 30 years ago, was well stocked with industry specialist knowledge requiring little formal education or IT Skills. In the past 30 years the business base in Barnsley has increased significantly plugging the gap left by the coal industry which has led to more demand for IT Skills. IT recruitment in Barnsley lags well behind local rival cities due to this market creation and lack of local IT professionals. Want to learn more? Simply reference IT Recruitment Barnsley to a member of our team via any of the available contact methods.

Interface are ideally placed to serve the best interests of candidates looking for IT talent locally. As a predominately Yorkshire focused IT recruitment agency we not only understand the dynamics of IT recruitment in Barnsley but in all the cities and towns of Yorkshire competing for the same IT talent. We take a consultative approach, tailoring to individual needs our specific knowledge of the current trends in IT recruitment within Barnsley.

Why Choose Interface Recruitment?

Every recruitment agency has a prepared pitch on how they can best connect you with bespoke opportunities in the area specifically to your field, but what makes Interface Recruitment different is the passion and drive that established our personalised service. We don’t value you as a jigsaw piece to fit into the business puzzle, but a client to whom we strive to source and secure a role not only suitable but tailored specifically to your career and lifestyle objectives.

IT Recruitment Barnsley Experience


Interface Recruitment have a combined experience pool of several decades in the IT recruitment industry, served in Barnsley and various other regions of the United Kingdom.

IT Recruitment Barnsley Network


Working closely with local businesses here in Barnsley, our networking brings in opportunity of a diverse nature that helps us find something for all of our it recruitment candidates.

IT Recruitment Barnsley Success


We have connected thousands of candidates with their ideal employer over the years in Barnsley, however what makes it special for us is the overwhelming feedack we receive.

Barnsley is a large city with a volume of diverse opportunity, so we would certainly expect you to have a few questions or concerns. If you want to talk, simply contact us with the reference IT Recruitment Barnsley.

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Why Choose Barnsley?

The skills profile of Barnsley will inevitably change and we believe, as a leading provider of IT Recruitment in Barnsley, that every IT recruitment company serving Barnsley should consider this one of their long term goals. Business Services, Low Carbon, Creative and Digital industries have been earmarked as potential growth providing sectors for the local area and as such the job is not simple.

  • Our detailed knowledge of the local and regional commuting patterns will help you define a bigger target audience.
  • We have strong relationships with the wider further and higher education establishments getting you to the best graduates before they come to the market.
  • The perceived negative of being equidistant between two major cities is actually a positive for Interface who work hard with our clients in Barnsley to create your unique proposition.
  • Having worked in IT recruitment in Barnsley for a long time our network of candidates is very deep giving you an edge of your competition.

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Enquire About IT Recruitment Barnsley

Our team are always hear to assist you, whether you are wanting to raise some questions or learn more about how we can help you. In order for us to best serve you with relevant information, please reference IT Recruitment Barnsley when you contact us via telephone, email or by completing a contact form here on the website.

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