Clean code or clean cars….the choice is yours…

Clean code or clean cars....the choice is yours... IT Recruitment Leeds

Fastest Growing Jobs in the UK.

As I watch my children take their first steps into School my mind wonders to where education will take them and ultimately what career choices will be open to them. Recent data from Indeed (the largest job website in the world) would suggest technology is a really good sector to future proof your career showing a huge increase in requirements for IT Engineers (33.7% increase from April 2018), Product Design in technology (31.8%) and Mobile Developer (28.2%).

However, the numbers also indicates a significant increase in the demand for Salon Assistants, CNC Machinists, Assistant Teachers, Recruitment Assistants, Conveyancing Assistants and Car Wash Attendants. Clearly this is not regional data but something that would be useful to have a chat with your children about to show the importance of paying attention in technology class.

“OK Son, clean code or clean cars….the choice is yours”

Data reference The Recruiting Times

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These are the fastest growing jobs in the UK