CV of the Future


It’s quite incredible to think that after almost 20 years in the recruitment sector, working in some of the cutting edge and sometimes bleeding edge technologies that some things just don’t change. Not only has technology evolved beyond measure but quite simply the diversity and depth of technological reach is beyond where most could see when I entered the market.

When you bring that in line with the pace of change in the recruitment sector itself, where we’ve gone from cold calling, to paper advertising to on-line advertising to social and now AI….it seems incredible that one of the key defining components of the recruitment world has virtually stood still…yes, I’m referring to the CV.

CV of the Future IT Recruitment Leeds






Don’t get me wrong, there have been changes. CVs are being hosted on individuals own websites and domains, sometimes with supporting info and portfolios. There are some creative sectors in the digital space where designers are coming up with funky interactive CVs. The issue is that these seem to be the exception rather than the rule. Surely, just like VHS, the Cassette tape, Car Phones and countless other good inventions the classic CV needs a radical over hall to push it along with our advancing technological era.

I can already hear the traditionalist screaming out the immortal line ‘if it ain’t broke’……but surely we have a responsibility to innovate and take the early adopters into the mass market. Clearly the information and the way it’s displayed will always evolve as the world changes so will how that world is displayed through our CV. I’m thinking more radical than the content of the CV though….I’m thinking that the platform itself needs gearing differently. As with cryptocurrency, we can see there is a possibility to look at a totally different infrastructure.

Interviews are now being recorded in whole or part and with advancements in the stability and security around hosted data we could potentially see video style CVs where you record your skills and show them off in real time to be played back.

Whatever the answer is, it’s fair to say that regardless of the format your CV needs to stand out. When applying for roles you need to consider how you want to be perceived, how you want to demonstrate your skills, ambitions and personality through this very basic medium.