Cobol – Happy 60th Birthday (but….not dead yet, with millions of lines of code still being written everyday!)

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As recruiters we often lose sight of legacy languages as our clients ask that we focus on the new shiny toy in the box; which usually means the newest version of .Net or a trendy new Microsoft development focused framework.

It is worth noting that what underpins the very foundation of society could still be the grandfather of code, Cobol.  Major government and financial institutions still have millions of lines of Cobol code embedded into the very core of their operation.  Code that still performs invaluable tasks and is perhaps the very foundation of their entire organisation.

The facts are that 95% of ATM cash transactions rely on Cobol, even today. And the approx level of Cobol developers comes to 2 million that are active in the working world; developers that are, as we speak, writing 1.5 million lines of Cobol code – per day!

Here we have attached two interesting blogs about the history of the ‘parent’ language and how it has stood the test of time and may well continue to do so, for many years to come.

Cobol – a history of the language

Happy 60th birthday Cobol