Cobol – Happy 60th Birthday (but….not dead yet, with millions of lines of code still being written everyday!)


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As recruiters we often lose sight of legacy languages as our clients ask that we focus on the new shiny toy in the box; which usually means the newest version of .Net or a trendy new Microsoft development focused framework.

It is worth noting that what underpins the very foundation of society could still be the grandfather of code, Cobol.  Major government and financial institutions still have millions of lines of Cobol code embedded into the very core of their operation.  Code that still performs invaluable tasks and is perhaps the very foundation of their entire organisation.

The facts are that 95% of ATM cash transactions rely on Cobol, even today. And the approx level of Cobol developers comes to 2 million that are active in the working world; developers that are, as we speak, writing 1.5 million lines of Cobol code – per day!

Here we have attached two interesting blogs about the history of the ‘parent’ language and how it has stood the test of time and may well continue to do so, for many years to come.

Cobol – a history of the language

Happy 60th birthday Cobol

Yorkshire Skills Hubs….certainly worth investing in….

It seems incredible, given the current economic and business climate, that a local councillor would argue against promoting a new financial services offering into the region. This deal clearly has numerous benefits but one stand out reason for this being a ‘no brainer’ is that the local region already has a thriving financial services sector and therefore the skills required to build and sustain an organisation are already here. The competition for these skills aids in driving up salaries and standards of living in the local economy also adding revenue streams into secondary and tertiary markets. The area therefore becomes more attractive and essentially a much stronger hub to help attract skills out of London and Southern regions who are already blessed with having an embarrassment of riches where inward investment is concerned.

Our local region will obviously need to diversify and ensure we invest in a range of sectors but building skills groups and a community around certain sectors promotes a much more long term and sustainable platform that we can rely on.

Interface Recruitment have are a proud Yorkshire focused IT Recruitment Agency in Leeds with a footprint across the region. Whilst we work across a diverse portfolio of clients in numerous sectors, Financial Services is core to our success and accounted for 37% of our business in 2018. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the individual or business requirements from professionals and businesses in the FS community.

Marcelo Bielsa…what can we learn?

Marcelo Bielsa:

• Arrives at Leeds United and immediately makes the squad collect litter around Thorpe Arch and tasks them with manual labour so they appreciate what working class fans do on a daily basis to be able to afford to support the club.

• Admits to “spying” and accepts full responsibility, giving a detailed explanations of his motives and how he’s failed to consider English culture. Pays the FA £200,000 fine in full.

• Loses his cool when, by his standards, his players exploit a situation to unfairly score a goal. Orders his players to allow the opposition to walk the ball into the net to undo the advantage.

• Quietly punishes his players away from the media and supporters, but backs them completely in front of the cameras. He pays all their Club and FA fines throughout the season because he believes that if they fall below the standards expected by the FA, then he has failed to exemplify and motivate them to meet them.

• Choses to live in a 1 bed granny flat in Wetherby and walks the 2 miles to work everyday.

• Holds informal staff meetings in the local Costa because isn’t it what normal people do at work? What a leader! Society in general could learn a thing or two from this man.

The above post was written by Robert Young ( an Assistant Project Manager. I knew about a few of the facts in his post but not all and think it is really well put together with good sentiment.

It’s a rarity nowadays that professional football teaches us many usable life lessons that we can implement in our working world. There are unfortunately more bad examples than good coming out of the game ,so it’s refreshing to see someone in our local region showing a strong moral compass and set of principles that we can try and implement in our own working environment. I’m not a Leeds supporter but I can see how Marcelo Bielsa’s ethics will permeate through all of Leeds United and likely enhance their reputation, commercial and on-field success.