Business Intelligence Trends in 2018

Business Intelligence Trends in 2018 IT Recruitment Leeds

Business Intelligence Trends in 2018,  According to Forbes Executive Management, Operations and Sales are the three primary roles that are driving Business Intelligence adoption in 2018. Dashboards, reporting, end user self-service, advanced virtualisation are the top five most important technologies and initiatives in BI in 2018. Interestingly, small business with up to 100 employees have the highest rate of BI penetration or adoption in 2018. Other notable trends suggest on-premise BI vendors account for 50% of the market which is a significant decline against cloud models. (REF. Dresner Advisory Service’s 2018 Wisdom of Crowds Business Intelligence Market Study).


Executive and Senior Management teams, Operations and Sales seem to be taking a more active role in the ownership of BI allowing more take up of roles across sales and MI reporting. This is quite a stark difference to general opinion where GDPR and compliance was thought to be a last minute growth area for companies a little slow to comply and should be a real game changer now the deadline has passed.


IT seems that IOT, cognitive BI and In memory analysis, although still growing and seen as game changers, are low on the technology adoption list as the core principles of using BI to drive business decisions and more revenue still dominate the BI landscape.


Insurance, Technology and Business Services sectors have the highest rate of BI technology adoption in 2018 and this trend looks set to continue.


All told the Business Intelligence technology sector is experiencing some interesting times. Interface have a constant range of Business Intelligence vacancies across a variety of sectors accounting for business of all sizes. We aim to stay local and focus on building intelligence, long term relationships with industry professionals and so are more than happy to discuss requirements of either industry or individuals with challenging requirements.

Business Intelligence Trends 2018