The best skills for your career in Technology

The best skills for your career in Technology IT Recruitment Leeds

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been asked by a myriad of IT professionals, from those at the entry point of their careers right the way to  those at an experienced juncture in theirs, about what the best areas of technology are to invest your career in. As someone who likes to keep in touch with the ever changing nuances in technical markets it’s all too easy to roll off the obvious early adopter technologies in such a conversation like this but the reality is that our industry moves too fast to be so flippant about the question.

Therefore there are a few rules of thumb that you need to consider when trying to read the ‘technological tea leaves’.

  1. Consider what is highly in demand now, what caused its demand and why should this continue. Demand should be the cornerstone of your career decision as this will allow you to pick where and when you move from one company to the next and ultimately how much you can charge for your skills…permanent or contract.
  2. Is everyone already divesting their skills in the same area…have you missed the boat. Is there a mass programme to upskill in that technology. Is the market going to get saturated.
  3. Are their numerous markets or end points for your skills. Are they going to be widely needed.
  4. Longevity…will these skills have ongoing iterations and releases.

If asked the question right now what is hot and where to start…..Machine learning…start by learning Python Programming.