Kodi – Can you expect to watch your movies/TV shows, for free, forever…?

Side-by-side-dark-transparentKodi, the popular media centre that allows millions of users to watch copyright material free of charge recently announced they are focusing on those who promote piracy using Kodi. Yet piracy groups are hard to detect and bring to justice.

Kodi have recently suffered an attack themselves yesterday, with a DDos attack that too the website down and the ability to download their software was rendered impossible.

Can Kodi win the fight against Piracy?

#1 Kodi is Free

Kodi is made by a nonprofit team that is far from well-funded. That said, piracy from Kodi is a billion $ industry. People who promote and sell Kodi boxes or builds as piracy tools make millions, some are small operations, others are large concerns selling thousands of boxes and making millions.

#2 Kodi piracy / management of it is not taking place in Europe or the U.S

Most of the people who make millions from Kodi do not live in the United States or Europe and are effectively outside the reach of the Kodi Team at least without years and a ton of money. Many of these businesses are located in countries that are not known for respecting copyright law.

#3 Open Source Course

The real downside here for Kodi is the same reason they are successful: their openness. Being open source, like Kodi, means your code is out there. Pirates can easily just take the code they have now and hire their own programmers to maintain it. From there they can sit outside the reach of Team Kodi to sell what they will call “Kodi” and continue the piracy.


Whereas the fight is not already lost for Team Kodi, it will be an uphill battle. With the team at Kodi being volunteers you have to wonder how long they will be willing to fight before people start to walk away from the project.kodi image