Who We Are

A collective of vastly experienced IT Recruiters with a partnership and relationship driven approach. Based in Leeds City Centre within the Southbank, behind the Leeds Train station and within one of the refurbished mills where Matthew Murray once plied his trade. Mr Murray worked in one of John Marshall’s mills and was a master craftsman, helping to design and engineer some of the machinery and trains that the world still uses today. Interface Recruitment is situated in the heart of what can be classed as a core part of the UK’s industrial revolution. The Southbank area is soon to be further developed into a hotel, leisure and office hub, serving the south side of the city. Many of the businesses based here focus their attentions upon digital, design, IT services and specialist recruitment. The creative environment was born from the urban/industrial boutique feel and outlook that the Leeds south bank area enjoys. Interface employees feel perfectly at home here, in the heart of the city of Leeds and in one of the most exciting inner city areas that the U.K has to offer.

Interface Recruitment - Who We are

Why are we different?

Expert, Partnership and Commitment. These are our core values and they are close to our heart. We very much pride ourselves on a detailed and committed recruitment service and the values symbolise perfectly who we are. In addition to our services we are a consultancy that is not focused purely upon lucrative percentage margins and the commission based recruitment model. Our ethos is built upon a strong team foundation and shared goals/rewards.   It is also important that we provide a service that stands the test of time and is not focused on individual sales and aggressive tactics.  As a result of the way we practice recruitment we feel that Interface offers a personable service built upon a strong code of ethics. Due to our experience, relationships and location in the heart of Leeds city centre; Interface are perfectly positioned to service IT candidate and client relationships in the North of England. We enjoy the detail and make sure that all candidates are treated with the utmost respect and feel accomplished and knowledgeable when they attend client interviews. We meet people from the industry regularly and practice a back to basic approach in terms of our recruitment ideology.  Perhaps the most noteworthy element of our service is the focus on the candidate journey, we take pride in making sure that our candidates feel comfortable moving into their chosen new career. In conclusion we feel that the recruitment marketplace demands a tailored, committed and honest recruitment service and that’s exactly what we offer here at Interface Recruitment.

Our Services

  • Full spectrum of IT roles covered; technical and functional
  • Permanent contingency recruitment
  • Contract recruitment
  • Permanent campaigns (exclusive and vendor neutral)
  • Fixed term recruitment
  • Face to face candidate consultations
  • Senior appointments route to market consultations
  • Video interviewing
  • Technical testing (bespoke and domain specific)
  • Salary and benchmark guides
  • Campaign guidance; inc of job specification tailoring/ideas on competitive benefit schemes.